Need to restore or repair parquet, hardwood & boards?

Hardwood floor repair and restoration at unbeatable cost and quality

 Wood floor renovation in London:

Repairs & Restoration

Wood floor renovation in London. Timber floors are a beautiful choice for any home, but over time they can get damaged and require repairs. The damage may be due to termites, water damage, creaking, loose floorboards, cracked floorboards, scratches, gouges in the timber and many more causes.
It is best to have the floor repaired by a professional in order to bring it back to its top condition. Some of the damage can affect not only the appearance of the floor but also its structural construction.


To resolve any repairs problems, we would provide the following services:


We would send a flooring specialist to talk to you regarding the repairing process and give you advice about what further action needs to be taken.


By taking into account every detail, he will assess the extent of the damage.


He will detail duration of the process and services you would like us to provide.


Once all the imperfections are dealt with, you would never even know that repairs have taken place on the floor.